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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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kindly.    You I am infinitely obliged to, as I was capable, my dear George, of making you forget for a minute that you don't propose stirring from the dear place you are now in. Poppies indeed are the chief flowers in love-nosegays, but they seldom bend towards the lady; at least not till the other flowers have been gathered.    Prince Volscius's: boots were made of love-leather, and honour-leather; instead of honour, some people's are made of friendship : but since you have been so good to me as to draw on this, I can almost believe you are equipped for travelling farther than Kheims. "Tis no little inducement to make me wish myself in France, that I hear gallantry is not left off there ; that you may be polite, and not be thought awkward for it.    You know the pretty men of the age in England use the women with no more deference than they do their coach-horses, and have not half the regard for 'em that they have for themselves. The little freedoms you tell  me you use take  off from formality, by avoiding which ridiculous  extreme we are dwindled into the other barbarous one, rusticity.   If you had been at Paris, I should have inquired about the new Spanish ambassadress, who, by the accounts we have thence, at her first audience of the queen2, sat down with her at a distance that suited respect and conversation.   Dear woman! You won't be angry with me, I hope, if I fill up the remainder of my letter with transcribing some lines out of a new poem3, which will hardly reach *you;  'tis wrote by a man of the Custom House, of little learning, new ideas, and odd sentiments: 'tis on Spleen:
Laugh and be well: Monkeys have been Extreme good Doctors for the Spleen ;
LETTS* 13.—1 A character in The      Poland (afterwards  Duke  of Lor-
Beluatraal, "by Qie  Duke   of Buck-     raine);   married (1725) Louis XV.,
™f$*£ri'- -r     .   ^                                 King of Prance.
*     •""™IJe,czanska(a,1768),aaiigh-         * The. Spleen, by Matthew Green
ter of Stamshrag Leczmski, King of     (1696-1737).